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Access to citizenship and its impact on immigration integration: EU final event 22/02/2013 Brussels, Belgium


In the framework of the ACIT project, the Migration Policy Group and its partners will organise a final EU-level debate on future European cooperation on the acquisition and loss of nationality.


What are the effects of citizenship acquisition on the integration of immigrants? What are the major opportunities and obstacles for immigrants to become citizens across the EU? What can European institutions and civil society do to promote naturalisation in European countries? Academic researchers, government and civil society will obtain data, comparative analyses and practical guidelines on how to evaluate policy outcomes, set targets and good governance standards, and assess the prospective impact of policy changes.

The main goals of the ACIT project are to explore the links between acquisition of nationality and the integration processes and to encourage effective measures for facilitating immigrants’ access to citizenship in the EU. Research results will be disseminated through an interactive website, 10 national handbooks, 4 comparative reports based on the indicators and a final European-level report. ACIT will also highlight changes in citizenship laws and implementation that have improved integration in practice and it will provide policy recommendations to reinforce EU indicators on active citizenship and to develop an EU module on “Citizenship and Integration.”

Members of the public are invited to register for this event by, at the latest, 8 February. For questions or registrations, please email info@migpolgroup.com and mention ‘ACIT Final Event’ in the subject line.