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Border Stories: From there to here. How innovative research into personal experiences can help the EU address Intra EU mobility and Third Country Migration – Brussels – 3 February 2016

londonHow can academic research help policy makers frame the best policies to manage the emerging reality of internal and external migration across the EU? This event brings together policy, research and practice in migration studies with a particular focus on understanding the social context of migration and migrants, both at home and in their new countries, as it pertains to young people and the non-migrants who now find themselves at the very heart of the immigration debate. It poses the question: how can we use what we have learned from past and current migrations to craft effective but fair social policy to better manage the current process of migration and ease integration for both the migrant population and their host countries?

MPG Programme Director Thomas Huddleston will discuss the successful integration of immigrants in EU societies.

Click here for the event’s programme.