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Business partnerships for the Intercultural City: making the Diversity Advantage real 18/10/2012 – 19/10/2012 San Sebastian, Spain


Beth Ginsburg, MPG Project Director of Supplier Diversity Europe, will speak on supplier diversiy in Europe at the Intercultural Cities’ seminar on diversity and business partnerships for local authorities.


Intercultural_citiesThe objective of the seminar is to discuss initiatives and strategies that cities members of the Intercultural cities programme could put in place to help enterprises, in particular SMEs, to realise the benefits of cultural diversity (“diversity advantage”), and encourage enterprises to support the intercultural integration policies of cities.

The challenge for local authorities is to create an environment that actively encourages and supports enterprises in realising the diversity advantage. This would not only benefit economic dynamism and employment, but also help involve business as a partner in local integration efforts – which is still rarely the case, as the Intercultural cities programme has demonstrated.