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EU Agency CEDEFOP looks into guidance for immigrants to close employment and education gaps

Logo_CedefopThe EU’s CEDEFOP Agency in Thessaloniki, Greece has recently published a study on delivering labour market integration guidance to immigrants, using MIPEX as a reference guide. In its introduction about why study guidance for immigrants, CEDEFOP recommends that “The strategy adopted by national states for the resident immigrant population should combat labour market mismatch, youth disengagement from education and training, and adopt an inclusive strategy that considers the needs of groups and of subgroups at greater risk, particularly women children, the EWSI-ID-employers_portfoliounemployed and those with low qualifications. A publication from the European Commission (2013) highlights that the education and labour market outcomes for nationals and immigrants are still substantially different. Generally, immigrants have lower employment levels, suffer from greater youth disengagement from education (especially among the children of the less qualified) and are at greater risk of poverty and social exclusion.

The same study suggests that if the current gap between the national and immigrant population is closed, substantial progress will be made towards the EU 2020 targets. In countries with large shares of immigrants, such as Belgium Germany, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands, the contribution of the immigrant share can reach 50% on employment, early leaving and poverty risk targets

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