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European People’s Party’s think-tank draws on MPG work with political parties for its publication on migrants’ participation in the political process


The Centre for European Studies, which works as the think-tank of the European People’s Party, has based its latest policy brief on migrants’ participation in the political process onMPG’s work with political parties.


CESFor its latest policy brief on Migrating Towards Participation: Immigrants and Their Descendants in the Political Process, the Centre for European Studies used MPG’s benchmarks on political parties as key standards to follow. The authors also drew on its related publication Becoming a Party of Choice: A Tool for Mainstreaming Diversity.

In its conclusions, the authors of the policy brief stress that:

“Strategically, contributing to the political integration of immigrants would help distinguish the European centre-right from populist and extremist political alternatives. Following their anti-immigrant rhetoric would only alienate the traditional centre-right electorate and cost the mainstream centre-right some credibility.”

The policy brief concludes with a list of recommendations for all political parties, including the European People’s party and its affiliates.

The full policy brief can be downloaded here.