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Mapping the integration efforts of local and regional authorities

LRA_mapThe European Web Site on Integration, which is managed by MPG on behalf of the European Commission, has recently launched an interactive map which shows examples of good practices on integration by and for local and regional authorities. The map was launched at the beginning of June by Commissioner Malmström at the 9th European Integration Forum meeting. Furthermore, she blogged about it in order to highlight the importance of local and regional authorities at the front line of the integration process. “Integration takes place in the local community, and the different conditions and obstacles to integration cannot be dealt with through legislation. The Commission has therefore developed an interactive map (…) to further strengthen the local dimension of the integration policy framework.

The purpose of the map is to improve the exchange of good practices on a local and regional level, and to further highlight the local dimension of integration policy by showing the work that is being done by the local and regional authorities. Clicking on a given point on the map will open the website of an authority that has shared its experiences and good practices in the area of integration on the Website. The map includes good practices identified by the Committee of the Regions and they included an article about it on their website. The map launch was also highlighted by the Joint Migration and Development Initiative, a programme implemented by UNDP and five agencies: IOM, ILO, UNHCR, UNFPA and UN Women.