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Migration Policy Group to contribute to the OECD's 50th Anniversary Forum called 'Better Policies for Better Lives'

European Parliament MIPEX Breakfast debate
24/05/2011 Brussels, Belgium

The British Council and Migration Policy Group are holding a Breakfast Debate on the Migrant Integration Policy Index at the European Parliament on 24 May

Immigrant citizens survey: getting ready for polling
23/05/2011 - 24/05/2011 Brussels, Belgium

The Migration Policy Group and King Baudouin Foundation will assemble the Scientific Board and Polling Partners to agree on the final survey and prepare the polling

Integration Practice seminar: Poland
18/05/2011 Warsaw, Poland

Caritas Polska is organising a seminar on migrant integration policy where MPG will share information on the MIPEX and the Handbooks on Integration series

The Institute of Public Affairs and the British Council are organising the launch of the MIPEX results in Poland with a seminar on Immigration, Integration and Social Mobility

Value Migration partners meeting
16/05/2011 Berlin, Germany

The partners of the project 'Value Migration: What influences the transition from international student to highly skilled migrant?' are meeting in Berlin

Training seminar for the recently created Commission for Protection against Discrimination of the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) organised by the OSCE Mission in Skopje

The King Baudouin Foundation and the British Council are organising the launch of the MIPEX results in Belgium with a conference on migrant children's access to successful education

FRA Symposium on Fundamental Rights Indicators in the EU
12/05/2011 - 13/05/2011 Vienna, Austria

The European Union Fundamental Rights Agency is organising its second annual symposium on the topic of "Using indicators to measure fundamental rights in the EU: challenges and solutions"

The Immigration Policy Center of the American Immigration Council and the British Council are organising the launch of the MIPEX results in the US with a debate on how legal integration can lead to societal integration