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Discussion of key findings and policy improvements in Hungary

Open public consultation for the Fundamental Rights Agency's development of a strategy for cooperation with civil society

Discussion of key results for Poland and the EU

Equality in the City: Towards Opportunities for Everyone
04/12/2007 - 05/12/2007 Brussels, Belgium

2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

Identifying and discussing tools with which cities can monitor and assess their performance in promoting equal opportunities

MPG considers how Index can serve as tool for policy change on positive action

Follow-up conference to the Norwegian Action Plan on Racism and Discrimination 2002-2006

2nd Supplier Diversity Day
28/11/2007 London, United Kingdom

2nd Supplier Diversity Day to be organised on 28 November 2007 in London

Technical seminar to discuss the concepts of and the procedures related to the acquisition of nationality, citizenship and national identity

Integration messbar machen
26/11/2007 - 27/11/2007 Vienna, Austria

Benchmarking and the Index at City of Vienna Conference

Policy debate in Brussels centred on the Migrant Integration Policy Index