Can Sweden bring us back to equal treatment?
01/07/2011 Sigtuna, Sweden


The Migration Policy Group is to provide expertise at the Tällberg Foundation's annual Tällberg Forum entitled 'How on earth can we live together'


MIPEX web bannerMPG's Policy Analyst, Thomas Huddleston, has been invited to speak at the workshop "People - Shifting demographics, a changing global job market and migration flows - the new face of population workshop."

Using the latest results from the Migrant Integration Policy Index, Thomas will present how Sweden can restart a national and European debate on integration.

MIPEX assessments are showing that all Scandinavian countries and many European countries have and could undermine their slow but steady progress on integration.

Thomas will present arguments and models for a new national dialogue structure in Sweden. Together, immigrant organisations, authorities, and social partners could sustain the political will that drives the country's leading policies, build broader social consensus for equal treatment, and inspire other EU countries to meet the concrete goals they all agreed under the Swedish Presidency's Stockholm Programme.


The Migrant Integration Policy Index is a reference guide and fully interactive tool to assess, compare and improve integration policy.

It measures integration policies in all EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

Using 148 policy indicators it creates a rich, multi-dimensional picture of migrants' opportunities to participate in society.

Go to to see the MIPEX results for Sweden.


About the event:

500 leaders from all over the world will gather for the Tällberg Forum 2011 around the theme "How on earth can we live together - How can we agree to agree?". Speakers bring the global challenges of population growth to a Swedish context and discuss how Sweden will be affected, how companies are preparing themselves for the new situation and the political answer that are been discussed to face the demographic challenges.

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