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Human Rights in the City: A City for all – Vienna – 10 December 2014

wienWhat relevance do Human Rights have in the City of Vienna and, which for its inhabitants? What initiatives and approaches are there in other European cities? How can a comprehensive human rights based approach be defined for and realized in the city? The conference, which is held in the context of the ongoing process “Vienna – Human Rights City”, which began at the end of 2013, will deal with these questions from a variety of perspectives. Scientists, representatives from civil society as well as experts from cities which have already declared themselves Human Rights Cities, as well as will participate in panel discussions with selected topics, dealing with concepts, ideas, as well as policies of a comprehensive human rights based approach.

Jan Niessen will represent MPG at the panel on “the city as economic actor”. Which responsibilities and obligations of the city of Vienna arise from its role as an economic actor? What relevance do CSR concepts have here, both in theory and in practice? Which questions arise from the dual role of the city on the one hand as economic actor, on the other hand as a governmental and political actor?