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Immigrant Citizens Survey – German Launch 27/06/2012 Berlin, Germany


The German launch of the Immigrant Citizens Survey will take place in Berlin. Experts in the field of research and representatives from the German foundations for Integration and migration will present the results of the Immigrant Citizens Survey research conducted in Berlin and Stuttgart. In addition, a study focused on specific German integration policies from the perspective of Immigrants from non-EU countries, prepared by the Mercator Foundation will also be presented.






Our partners, the Research Unit of the Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration will host this event.

During the day various discussion panels and presentations will be held. The following people will particpate in the course of the day.

  • Michael Schwarz, head of the Competence Center for International Understanding, Mercator Foundation


  • Dr. Jan Niessen, Director of the Migration Policy Group
  • Prof. Dr. Gianni D’Amato, a member of the Advisory Council on Integration  (English)
  • Thomas Huddleston, policy analyst at the Migration Policy Group
  • Dr. Anne-Kathrin Will, Research Associate of the Macao Ltd.
  • Farhad Dilmaghani, Secretary of State for Work and Integration, Berlin Senate Department for Labour, Women and Integration
  • Dr. Gunilla Fincke, director of the SVR-Research Center
  • Nihat Sorgec, managing director of the training center in Kreuzberg GmbH