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Integration of refugees: How do cities and institutions respond? – Brussels – 2 February 2016

The current migration crisis is a huge test for European, national, regional and local authorities across Europe. Whereas some innovative solutions have been put in place to deal with the situation in the short term, the longer perspective i.e. the future integration of refugees in their host communities, has received far less attention. However, successful integration is key and will occupy the national and European agenda for the decades to come.

With significant divergences between national integration systems – ranging from highly developed to quasi-embryonic structures – EU member states, together with EU institutions should exchange, develop and support sound and efficient integration processes.

At this EPC-MPG policy dialogue, speakers will analyse the approach of national authorities and their integration strategies, the capacity of cities and institutions to respond to the integration challenges engendered by the refugee crisis, as well as the role of relevant players, such as employment agencies, in this complex setting.

MPG Programme Director will participate in the event. Register for the event here.