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Last meeting of the European Integration Forum refers to MIPEX and the SIRIUS network

At the last meeting of the European Integration Forum, which focused on ‘Integration of Migrant Youth in European Society’, several speakers referred to the work of MPG.

The meeting’s report cites MIPEX as a successful initiative which offers “a useful tool for policy evaluation and cross-country comparison“. In addition,  the SIRIUS network, a policy network set up by the European Commission in 2011 and for which MPG acts as Communications Officer, was introduced. The report states that the SIRIUS network proposes “a shift from a school approach to a community approach, that creates networks of organisations that are working in the same direction as schools, and a shift from an integration approach to an inclusion approach, to reduce the division into separate educational tracks, to improve teachers’ competences in diversity management, and to create an ethos within the school and the community“.

Finally, the EWSI Special Feature on migrant political participation, drafted by MPG, was distributed to all participants.

Download the meeting’s report.