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Legal Seminar – Equality Law: What kind of Equality? – Brussels – 29 November 2013

The European Network of Legal Experts in the non-discrimination field, together with the European Network of Legal Experts in the field of gender equality, are organising a legal seminar to discuss approaches to equality and non-discrimination legislation inside and outside the EU

The 2013 Legal Seminar aims to provide representatives of governments, Equality Bodies, members of both Networks and other selected stakeholders of all EU Member States with an opportunity to exchange views on the transposition and implementation of EU equality and anti-discrimination Directives.

In particular, the seminar will bring together a number of high level academics and experts from across the European Union and candidate countries. It will allow for assessment of current legal developments, to share experiences and practices and to look to future prospects in the area of non-discrimination and gender equality. This year the particular focus of the seminar will be on different kinds of equality.

Please note that this is a closed event for members of the Legal networks and invitees of the European Commission only.

The following workshops will be organised during which equality rights in practice will be discussed:

  1. Update on the Court of Justice of the European Union case-law
  2. Equal Pay
  3. Disability Discrimination (including Accessibility)
  4. Positive Action (including Quotas)
  5. Housing

The seminar will also be an opportunity to present and discuss products of the two Networks of Independent Legal Experts.

The seminar is organised by the European Network of Legal Experts in the non-discrimination field on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age and sexual orientation (managed by the Migration Policy Group and European Human Consultancy) and the European Commission, in cooperation with the European Network of Legal Experts in the field of gender equality (managed by the Faculty of Law of Utrecht University).