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Mediterranean Migration Network kick-off meeting, 01/03/2012 – 02/03/2012 Nicosia, Cyprus


The Migration Policy Group has been invited to participate in the kick-off meeting of the Mediterranean Migration Network in Nicosia, Cyprus on 1 and 2 March 2012


MPG Policy Analyst, Anne Friel, will present examples of MPG’s recent work which has involved collaboration with a network of experts from across Europe, including the MIPEX, the European Network of Independent Legal Experts in the Non-discrimination Field, the EU Immigration Portal, and in particular the European Web Site on Integration.  The presentation will highlight examples of best practice in how to work effectively as a network, as well as possible pit falls.

To view Anne’s presentation, please click here.
About the Mediterranean Migration NetworkMMN

The MMN was launched within the context of the project “Establishment of multilateral networks with countries in the Mediterranean region” (Action 7, Annual Programme 2010) supported by the European Integration Fund of Third Country Nationals. The aim of the network is to promote collaboration and exchange of good practices among public and private stakeholders active in the fields of migration and integration.

The specific objectives of the network are:

  • to exchange information and best practices on the organizational structures of stakeholders active in the fields of migration, integration and diversity
  • to develop a collaborative framework among national and European public services and other relevant stakeholders
  • to develop and manage a database of resources on migration, integration and diversity
  • to build the professional capacity of the Network’s members through educational material and activities
  • to promote the further collaboration among members of the MMN

For more information, please click here.