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Metropolis: Making immigration ‘client-friendly’ – Milan – 6 November 2014

Check out MPG’s stand at the 2014 Metropolis Conference. On 6 November, attend the workshop ‘Opening the Processing Black Box’ and hear Thomas Huddleston explain how immigration and citizenship services can become more ‘client-friendly.’ Thomas Huddleston will provide an overview of policies in developed countries of immigration that provide high standards of service for immigrant clients in work migration, residence, and citizenship services. His presentation will draw on MPG’s extensive datasets, including MIPEX, ACIT, and the EU Immigration Portal. These projects allow MPG to analyse and compare:

  • Quality of Immigration websites and e-assessment tools
  • Quality of Naturalisation websites, e-assessment tools, and printed materials
  • Quality of naturalisation information and counselling services
  • Level of bureaucracy and discretion in naturalisation procedures
  • Availability of information throughout the naturalisation procedure
  • Quality of judicial review and complaints mechanisms in naturalisation