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MPG’s work on non-discrimination clauses in public procurement highlighted in report on new integration policy submitted to French PM

rapport_thierry_tuotThe BUYDIS project, in which the cities of Lyon and Nantes use MPG’s benchmarking expertise to experiment non-discrimination clauses in their public contracts, has been highlighted as a promising model to follow in a report submitted to the French Prime Minister and the Minister for Employment.

The report, which focuses on education, training and employment aspects of integration policy, is part of a series of studies designed to serve as the basis for a new integration policy, which will be presented by the French government by the end of 2013. The studies have been produced by five working groups, set up in September 2013 by the Prime Minister’s office.

The report recommends awarding public contracts to ‘diversity-friendly’ companies by generalising non-discrimination clauses in public procurement, designed to combat discrimination and to promote diversity and equal opportunities. The BUYDIS experiment goes further than simply inciting contractors to implement diversity management policies; it seeks to make diversity and equality policies part of the contract performance conditions, so that companies who are awarded a public contract are under a contractual obligation to put in place such policies or to further develop them.

BUYDIS is  supported financially and politically by the French Ministry of the Interior and is led by ISM CORUM.

Read the report below, or download the package of studies here.