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ACIT national experts completed a new set of national reports to complement the CITIMP indicators about the opportunities and obstacles within the ordinary naturalisation procedure. The EU comparative report on the CITIMP indicators will be published in May. The reports on Naturalisation Procedures can be accessed from the EUDO Citizenship country profiles page by clicking on respective country links.

MPG has published today three papers providing additional analyses of the Immigrant Citizens Survey.

Ilze Brands Kehris has been elected as Chair of the MPG Board of Directors.

A new publication released today provides an update of the MIPEX country profiles for France and the United States as well as a comparative report on the path to citizenship in both countries, based on supplementary questionnaires answered by experts at France terre d’asile and the Immigration Policy Center.


MPG Deputy Director Isabelle Chopin is profiled in Mariana Cook’s book Justice, Faces of the Human Rights Revolution for her work on anti-discrimination. The launch of the book took place on 4 April 2013 in New York.

MPG Policy Analyst Jasper Dag Tjaden was cited by the Financial Times in a comumn on UK citizenship tests.

The WEST journal reported from the final conference of the Access to citizenship and its impact on immigrant integration (ACIT) project.

MPG, which acts as Communications Officer for the SIRIUS network, has set up a platform on the SIRIUS website for monitoring news on migration and education.

A major study by the German Federal Anti-discrimination Agency (FADA) uses MIPEX to compare Germany to other countries.

On 30 January, the European Commission approved a new governance structure for the European Web Site on Integration, co-managed by MPG.