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The European Network of Independent Legal Experts in the Non-discrimination Field has published the key messages from the six workshops of the Legal Seminar that took place on the 9th of November 2010

The Migration Policy Group has prepared a paper on 'Consulting immigrants to improve national policies' at the request of the European Economic and Social Committee to stimulate discussion at the 4th Integration Forum

The 2009 country reports examining measures to combat discrimination (Directive 2000/78/EC and Directive 2000/43/EC) for France, Malta, Spain, and the Netherlands are now available

European Web Site on Integration moves into second phase adding special features and in-depth dossiers to deepen information-sharing on migrant integration in Europe

The Migration Policy Group has prepared a paper on Integration Modules at the request of the Belgian EU Presidency as an input for the Conference on Integration Modules

In celebration of the 25 years birthday of the Migration News Sheet, and celebrating the 15 years anniversary of the Migration News Sheet publisher: the Migration Policy Group, today we launch the Migration News Sheet online

MPG is celebrating 15 years since its founding in 1995.  This is the eighth of a ten-part series telling you a little more about our activities and what key stakeholders think of us

MPG's Visiting Research Fellow from Macedonia, Biljana Kotevska, publishes an article on Regional Cooperation on Migration in the Western Balkans - Impact of the European Union


The Migration Policy Group has been selected by the European Network Against Racism to prepare a paper providing new paradigms, policy measures and tools on the integration of migrants and minorities in the EU

Australia, New Zealand and Japan are to be assessed using the Migrant Integration Policy Index