Making equality rights work in practice - key messages

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The European Network of Independent Legal Experts in the Non-discrimination Field has published the key messages from the six workshops of the Legal Seminar that took place on the 9th of November 2010


The workshop key messages discussed at the Legal Seminar: Making equality rights work in practice are available to download below.

The seminar, which took pace on 9 November 2010, was organised by the European Network of Independent Legal Experts in the non-discrimination field on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age and sexual orientation (managed by Migration Policy Group and the European Human Consultancy) and the European Commission, in cooperation with the European Network of Legal Experts in the field of gender equality (managed by the Faculty of Law of Utrecht University).

The event consisted of six workshops on the following topics, each accompanied by a corresponding discussion paper:Legal Network portrait collage

  1. Access to justice / enforcement - including costs & legal aid
  2. Gender Pay gap                
  3. Positive obligations
  4. Equality Bodies                                                     
  5. Disability discrimination (including accessibility)      
  6. Indirect discrimination 

To download the key messages of the workshops, click here.