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Comparison between Turkey and EU Countries: Harmonisation is the Way to Protection

Refugee integration in Turkey has moved from the periphery to the centre of policy and social debates. The country has been a polite host for several millions of people seeking asylum. Many of the Syrians, Iraqi, Iranians, Afghans or Somali arrived because they need international protection. Turkey, drawing on its past experiences, prepared to accommodate its guests temporarily. However, the realities of the prolonged conflicts in their home countries and their long-term stay in Turkey have gradually changed these short-term plans. Turkey has transformed over time into a potential new home for millions of people in need of protection, a perspective that seemed to be unimaginable before. Turkey is still at the beginning of this process of transformation and faced with many dilemmas. This Refugee Integration Evaluation Tool aims to provide evidence on the current state of legislation, policies and practice in diverse areas relevant for the integration of beneficiaries in Turkey.

This publication is bilingual, starting with the findings in Turkish and followed by the English version.