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Intersectional discrimination in EU gender equality and non-discrimination law

3850-intersectional-discrimination-in-eu-gender-equality-and-non-discrimination-law-pdf-731-kb-google-chromeA new thematic report has been published by the European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination, authored by Sandra Fredman. The report explores the challenges posed by the intersectionality of different discrimination grounds in relation to EU law. It analyses the ways in which the EU Member States as well as the candidate countries (Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey), Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway deal with multiple discrimination and intersectionality, drawing on information provided by the experts of the Network. The report considers the potential within existing EU anti-discrimination law to incorporate an intersectional approach, whether intersectional experiences can be addressed within EU law and the extent to which existing jurisprudence from the Court of Justice might be understood as reflecting intersectionality. In the final chapter of the report, Fredman discusses how an intersectional approach to equality and non-discrimination can be adopted trough proactive measures and mainstreaming.