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The Starting Line and the Incorporation of the Racial Equality Directive into the National Laws of the EU Member States


This publication compares the Starting Line with the adopted Racial Equality Directive and explores how in the transposition process higher standards than required by the Directive could be adopted by individual Member States.

It points to other legal instruments that could be adopted under the amended EC Treaty’s Title IV, and which would promote equality between EU nationals and third country nationals. It also draws attention to other legal and non-legal instruments to combat racial and ethnic discrimination, in particular those developed within the framework of the EU Employment Strategy and the EU Social Policy Agenda.The publication is the second in a series published jointly by the Commission for Racial Equality in Britain and the MPG. The series aims to promote a well-informed debate on anti-discrimination legislation in Europe and may serve as a tool to monitor and influence the process of transposing European standards into national law. The series also explores how the European anti-discrimination legislative agenda can be further developed.