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Training Manual for Diversity Management

Training Manual for Diversity Management

t2-217-127.IMAGE_TrainingManualforDiversityManagement_EN_09.07This training manual for diversity management has been prepared for the European Commission in the framework of the “Anti-Discrimination and Diversity Training VT 006/009” project, set up and funded by the European Commission.

The manual is designed to accompany and support the diversity management component of the project. This component targets companies in all the 27 countries of he European Union and in Turkey, as well as managers and staff of employers’ organizations. In addition, there is a broader audience of trainers, consultants and
others interested in Diversity Management for which this manual can be of use.

The reader will find in section 1 an introduction to diversity management as a discipline. In Europe Diversity Management is still a young discipline. The manual gives an overview of the subject, offers a definition of the subject and describes the benefits accruing from implementing Diversity Management.

Section 2 focuses on practical applications of Diversity Management by showing how companies can initiate change processes towards optimum diversity management. A self assessment tool, the Diversity Audit, enables a company to check itself. The example of a Charter of Diversity shows how companies can network around the topic Diversity. Real case studies illustrate steps undertaken by several European companies in the right direction. To assist readers the manual also proposes ways of conducting company internal workshops for different target groups on the topic of Diversity Management.

Section 3 gives further information in the form of a suggested reading list and websites dealing with Diversity Management in Europe.

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