Migration & Mobility

The Migration Policy Group promotes a people-centred and rights based approach to migration. The Migration & Mobility programme focuses on people on the move across borders as well as within societies.

MPG's work examines the conditions that enhance or restrict migrants' opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing, not only of Europe's diverse societies, but also of countries and regions of origin within the context of international human rights and development.

The programme is guided by the following objectives:

  • Produce and disseminate high quality information and analysis
  • Bring stakeholders together in networks of expertise to:
    • Inform debates
    • Raise standards
    • Learn from each other
    • Act together

More and more organisations are engaging in migration debates at overlapping local, regional, national and European levels. This calls for more comparison, consultation and sophisticated exchanges of information and learning on policies and practices.

MPG designs and implements innovative tools empowering stakeholders to contribute to local, national and European migration policies. This work highlights the linkages, as well as the gaps, between these levels.

Tools include:

  • User-friendly data and information
  • Comparative analysis
  • Expert networking
  • Policy recommendations

The EU Immigration Portal, providing useful information on migration to and within the EU to migrants, is now available in Spanish. The Portal was developed by a consortium in which MPG was responsible for content.

The Value Migration project team organised a meeting last Thursday, the 19th of April as part of the project analysing Europe's competitiveness in the retention of international students moving from the status of student to highly skilled worker.

No events.