Diversity & Integration

MPG's Diversity and Integration programme is committed to promoting an environment where diversity is recognised and valued. Migrants are entering societies which are themselves changing and becoming more diverse.

The Diversity and Integration programme is aimed at:

  • Promoting effective diversity strategies
  • Removing integration obstacles
  • Promoting active citizenship
  • Enhancing the capacity of stakeholders

In a strategic approach to diversity, the responsiveness of mainstream institutions and organisations to the challenges and advantages of Europe's diverse populations is key. Responsiveness means meeting the challenge of providing products and services that reflect the diversity of society, and harnessing the full potential of that diversity to contribute to socio-economic arrangements and processes. 

A citizens-centred approach offering multiple pathways to citizenship, leading ultimately to the acquisition of nationality, encourages active participation in society as well as increasing openness among the general public enabling all members of society to shape the shared future of a diverse society.

Tools include:

  • Peer review
  • Handbooks
  • Indicators 
  • Benchmarking methods

MPG has published today three papers providing additional analyses of the Immigrant Citizens Survey.

A new publication released today provides an update of the MIPEX country profiles for France and the United States as well as a comparative report on the path to citizenship in both countries, based on supplementary questionnaires answered by experts at France terre d’asile and the Immigration Policy Center.

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