Supplier Diversity Europe


Supplier Diversity Europe is establishing best-in class supply chain development programmes in Europe


Supplier Diversity Europe website homepage 2011An MPG-run project, Supplier Diversity Europe is fostering co-operation among multinationals, large companies, public and not-for-profit bodies and small and medium enterprises which are majority owned and managed by under-utilised groups to establish best-in-class supply chain development programmes in Europe.

Supplier Diversity Europe is committed to fostering an environment among participating organisations that will offer under-utilised businesses, including but not limited to those 51% owned and managed by minority, ethnic people, disabled people and women, the same opportunity to compete for the supply of quality goods and services as other suppliers.

By tapping the unique expertise of businesses owned by under-utilised groups, participating organisations will gain access to innovative ideas, a broader customer base and new avenues of opportunity, all of which enable them to better serve their customers, stakeholders and the community.

Supplier Diversity Europe: 

  • operates pilot programmes in the UK, France and Sweden which address any strategic, tactical and political challenges and opportunities in launching supply chain development programmes in these countries. Member companies share information with one another through meetings and informal engagements.
  • provides tailored support to large companies to develop and implement supply chain development programmes according to targets and objectives set by the companies themselves in consultation with SDE. This work includes, but is not limited to, internal workshops and seminars, support
    with policies, procedures and processes, and links to potential new suppliers.
  • links large companies with diverse, potential suppliers via bespoke events, direct introductions and the Supplier Diversity Europe Database.
  • raises awareness of and builds support for supplier diversity throughout Europe across all sectors through its bi-monthly newsletter, in the public section of its website and regular public speaking engagements at
    high-profile events.
  • forms relationships with other not-forprofit and public organisations to progress supply chain development.
  • provides cutting-edge research and management tools including a management handbook on supplier diversity which contains company case studies, common principles and company or sector-specific elements. It will also include tools for building the business case for a European supply chain development programme at the appropriate levels of the companies and a framework for benchmarking their progress.

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