The ‘Diversity and Equality in European Cities’ project (DIVE) seeks to benchmark how municipalities use diversity and equality considerations when acting as policy-makers, employers, service providers and buyers of goods and services


DIVE logoStarting from the fact that integration requires mutual accommodation between host society and newcomers, the Diversity and Equality in European Cities project (DIVE) will implement 3 stands of activities:

  • Design a set of 4 benchmarks with regard to the 4 key responsibilities of cities in promoting mutual accommodation: municipalities as policy-makers, employers, service providers and buyers of goods and services.
  • Develop and pilot a peer-review tool adapted to these benchmarks and use this tool to carry out empirical research on local integration policies through peer-reviews in 4 major European cities (Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam and Leeds), involving senior city officials with relevant responsibilities. Experiences will be compiled in the DIVE Benchmark Report to be shared with actors across Europe.
  • Continue the Integrating Cities policy dialogue between local authorities and European institutions on integration governance, by organising 2 high-level conferences (Berlin 2009 and London 2010) and developing and presenting a Cities charter on the role of local government in the integration of migrants.

DIVE will capitalise on the results and lessons learned from the INTI-Cities project, and is again co-managed by MPG, Eurocities and the consultancy group ethical partnership.

This project is co-financed by the European Commission's Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals.