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Over-qualification: what  immigrants have to say Who are Europe’s new citizens? What immigrants have to say What good is an integration course for finding a job? What immigrants have to say Mapping European stakeholders on migrant education
Paving the Way for Integration: The Pathways to Citizenship in France and the United States ACIT final conference paper Evaluation of the Immigrant Citizens Survey Practice to Policy: Lessons from Local Leadership on Immigrant Integration
ACIT indicators: beyond the law, many practical obstacles to naturalisation arise in most countries Deutsche Integrationsmaßnahmen aus der Sicht von Nicht-EU-Bürgern. Die Ergebnisse des Immigrant Citizens Survey für Deutschland What can international comparisons of outcomes and policies tell us about ‘good practices’ of migrant education? EWSI Special Feature 2012/03: Access to Nationality for Third-country Nationals
The Participation of Immigrants in Political Processes and Institutions Webinar on Practice to Policy: Lessons from Local Leadership on Immigrant Integration EWSI Integration Dossier 2012/02: Immigrant self-employment and entrepreneurship EWSI Special Feature 2012/02: Family Reunification
Immigrant Citizens Survey EWSI Integration Dossier 2012/01: Using public procurement as an element of diversity and equality policies EWSI Special Feature 2012/01: Immigrant volunteering Becoming a Party of Choice: A Tool for Mainstreaming Diversity
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