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Roundtable on Languages and Mobility/Migration – Brussels – 21 January 2015

NPLD_logoThe integration of migrants and their acquisition of competence in the language(s) of the host country are a focus for political debate and policy initiatives in a growing number of Member States of the EU. Yet much of language debates for immigrant integration have tended to overlook the existence of sub-state societies, often referred to as regions or minority nations with a language of their own. These regions have also experienced migration and are adopting a wide range of policy measures to ensure that migrants can access both the majority and the minority language as a way to fully integrate in the host society.

NPLD organises a Round Table discussion on Migration, Integration and Language which will explore the different language approaches being currently developed across Europe on immigrant integration policies by regional governments, including:

  • Policies aimed at promoting the host society’s language(s), including both State and regional languages
  • Policies aimed at encouraging the maintenance of mother tongue languages

Participants will include Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), Members of the Commission, representatives of Governments and public bodies across Europe such as the Swedish Assembly of Finland (Folktinget), the regions of Wales, Friesland, Catalonia and the Basque Country as well as Think Tanks and Universities.

MPG Programme Director will present the work of the SIRIUS European policy network on migrant education, in particular its Agenda on Migrant Education in Europe.