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Seminar on Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship Indicators 29/11/2012 – 30/11/2012 Lisbon, Portugal


MPG and its partners have been selected by the European Commission to organise a series of European reports and seminars around the new European indicators of migrant integration. This final seminar will concentrate on social inclusion and active citizenship.

Please note that attendance at this event is by invitation only.


The reports and seminars will analyse whether the different integration realities in the EU Member States are the result of different:

  • integration and migration policies
  • immigrant populations
  • general contexts and policies.

The project will also improve how the European indicators of migrant integration capture and monitor the specific outcomes of integration policies.

As a result, policy actors can better:

  • evaluate the effectiveness of integration policies
  • appreciate the other factors that shape the integration process
  • engage in the data and policy implications of indicators
  • mainstream integration into European cooperation and targets, including the EU2020 Strategy.
Seminar on Social Inclusion and active citizenship

Delegations will include policymakers, statistical experts, and civil society representatives who have produced, analysed, and used indicators on the given topic. Participants will bring their insights and experiences into discussions of the findings of the analysis and assessment reports.

Participants will engage the longer term implications of these findings. The final workshops will address the current and future policy options and data sources.

Plenary sessions will introduce participants to the recent achievements on indicators at EU and national level.

All these discussions will help shape the project’s final reports and proposals.

The European Web Site on Integration Special Feature 2012/03 on Access to Nationality for Third-country Nationals will be distributed to participants.