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MPG’s staff is multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual and of different national and ethnic origin. Most of our international team is based at our office in Brussels.

Isabelle Chopin

Acting Director

Isabelle is MPG’s Deputy Director and leads the Anti-discrimination Programme.  She is the Executive Project Director, Content Manager and Executive Editor of the European Network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination.

Lilla Farkas

Associate Legal Policy Analyst

Lilla is an associate Legal Policy Analyst providing analysis for the Anti-discrimination Programme. Lilla is the coordinator for racial discrimination of the European network of independent legal experts in the non-discrimination field.

Catharina Germaine-Sahl

Legal Policy Analyst

Catharina is a Legal Policy Analyst for the Anti-discrimination Programme. She is the Managing Editor of the European Network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination. 

Beth Ginsburg

Associate Manager for Supplier Diversity Europe

Beth is a project manager for the Diversity Programme working on Supplier Diversity. She is responsible for private sector relations and facilitating workshops.

Frédéric Goffard

Part-time Financial Support

Frédéric handles organisation and project finances.

Thomas Huddleston

Programme Director Migration and Integration

Thomas is Programme Director on Migration and Integration. Since 2006, he has coordinated MPG’s comparative research on European and national policies in areas such as integration, citizenship, political participation, family reunification, and work migration. He is Central Research Coordinator of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX).

Alexandre Kirchberger

Associate Information Manager

Alex currently manages the MPG website.

Vicki McKenna

Editor of the Migration News Sheet

Vicki is the Editor of the Migration News Sheet, a monthly publication providing verified news on anti-discrimination, immigration and asylum.

Paola Mikaba

Content Officer

Paola is a Content Officer managing and promoting the European Web Site on Integration (EWSI). She selects, edits and uploads content provided by a network of national integration experts. Paola is also the editor of EWSI’s monthly newsletter.

Zvezda Vankova

Associate Policy Analyst

Zvezda is an Associate Policy Analyst working on the Migrant Integration Policy Index and on other projects of our Integration & Diversity programme.

Judit Tanczos

Legal Policy Analyst

Judit is Legal Policy Analyst for the Integration and the Anti-discrimination programmes. She works on the refugee intgration tool and contributes to various parts of the anti-discrimination research.

Marion Tomsett

Office Manager

Marion has many years’ experience in office management in a wide range of sectors, ranging from large industrial multinationals to Belgian SME’s. She has also been working for 6 years as a bookkeeper in a Belgian law firm specialised in international business law. Marion handles the day to day operations of Migration Policy Group’s office in Brussels.

Alexander Wolffhardt

Integration Policy Analyst

Alexander is a Policy Analyst in the integration and diversity programme. He mainly works on the Refugee Integration Evaluation Tool and contributes to the European Website on Integration.