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ART – Awareness-raising & Training


The “Awareness-raising in the areas of non-discrimination and equality targeted at civil society organisations” project (ART project) aims to help strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations working on non-discrimination and equality by developing training materials and activities for 32 countries across Europe. 

In the framework of the project “Awareness-raising in the areas of non-discrimination and equality targeted at civil society organisations”, the Migration Policy Group, together with Human European Consultancy (HEC), will produce specific training material and implement training and dissemination activities that aim at strengthening the capacity of NGOs to deal with non-discrimination and equality.

The overall goal of the project is to take a next step in the improvement of the impact and effectiveness of civil society organisations with regard to the implementation of equality and non-discrimination legislation and policy. The duration of the current project is 18 months, starting December 2010. 32 countries are involved (EU, EEA/EFTA, Croatia, FYROM, Turkey, Serbia). 


The Coordinators of the ART project will design the training modules and training material, train the national trainers and guide and support the national trainers during the preparation of the national trainings. Isabelle Chopin from MPG is the Coordinator-Team Leader.

Łukasz Bojarski

Łukasz Bojarski is Access to Justice Program Director at Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw). He is the Polish Expert in the European Network of Independent Legal Experts in the Non-discrimination Field. His main areas of expertise include non-discrimination, democracy and human rights, civic and legal education, access to justice and to legal aid, the role of the judiciary in human rights protection, trial observation, legal profession, legal ethics. He gave training for i.a. judges, lawyers, NGO activists, journalists, teachers, students, trainers.

Isabelle Chopin

Isabelle Chopin is MPG’s Deputy Director and leads the Anti-Discrimination Programme. She is working at both European/international and national/local level as well as at governmental and non-governmental level. She was involved in the 90s in campaigning for the adoption of European legislation fighting discrimination (the Starting Line Group) and since then has been involved in many projects on anti-discrimination and integration. She has been involved in many training projects, delivering training on anti-discrimination issues, capacity building, situation testing, etc.

Barbara Cohen

Barbara Cohen is a discrimination law consultant, formerly head of legal policy at the Commission for Racial Equality in London. Starting before the Race Equality Directive had been approved and ever since, Barbara has been involved in anti-discrimination awareness raising in different Member States and candidate countries. She has contributed to the development of anti-discrimination laws in a number of Member States and recently also in Kenya. Much of her work in the UK and in the EU has focused on strengthening the capacity of NGOs and trade unions to use their national anti-discrimination laws. She has considerable experience producing clear, accessible written guidance on the principles and content of EU and national anti-discrimination laws.

Romanita Iordache

Romanita Iordache has more than ten years of experience in working with Romanian and international governmental and non-governmental organizations as a legal consultant in the field of nondiscrimination on topics such as sexual orientation and gender identity, religious minorities, Roma, national and ethnic minorities, rights of persons living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, disabilities etc. She has an extensive record as educator and as trainer, both in Romanian and English, and is a certified trainer who succesfully engaged with audiences of different backgrounds and cultures. Her prior and current education and work indicate ability to communicate and be effective in multicultural and multilingual environments as well as an effective record of writing and communication skills.

Lilla Farkas

Lilla Farkas is a Budapest based practicing attorney active in the field of antidiscrimination law, focusing mainly on Roma rights. She is president of the Hungarian Equal Treatment Advisory Board, race ground coordinator for the Network of independent experts in the non-discrimination field and the member of the Emergency Fund Board Hungary established by George Soros to address needs arising as a result of the recent crisis. She is an experienced trainer in her field, having addressed a variety of actors from NGO activists to judges, equality bodies, etc.



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