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Equality Bodies

MPG took the initiative in 2002 to bring together a network of Equality Bodies following the positive findings of a feasibility study.

In addition to being a partner organisation, MPG acted as Equinet’s Secretariat until 2007, when the secretariat was transferred from MPG to the fully-fledged administration with 28 member organisations in 22 European countries.

Equinet, the European Network of Equality Bodies, develops co-operation and facilitates information exchange between Equality Bodies across Europe to support the uniform implementation of EU anti-discrimination law and the levelling-up of legal protection for victims of discrimination.

The aim of Equinet is to help Equality Bodies fulfil their mandates by establishing a sustainable network and resource base for the exchange of legal expertise, enforcement strategies, training and best practice as well as a platform for dialogue with the European institutions.

Equinet builds upon the two year project “Strengthening the co-operation between specialised bodies for the implementation of equal treatment legislation” (2002-2004) and is currently funded by PROGRESS, the European Community Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity (2007-2013).

Members’ website: www.equineteurope.org