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Supplier Diversity Europe


Supplier Diversity Europe (SDE) is an MPG programme and is concerned with fostering co-operation among multi-nationals, large companies, public organisations, SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) and diverse and under-represented businesses, in order to develop dynamic and effective procurement programmes in Europe.

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Supplier Diversity Europe has a dedicated website 

As part of the programme we have developed an accreditation programme that is aimed at benchmarking large purchasing organisations and helping them to recognise the benefits of developing a local and diverse supply chain, and providing a road map for companies to adopt best practice and a standard to be assessed against. Several companies are now involved in the accreditation process and the first three companies have now received their accreditation. They include Skanska, Fujitsu and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Working with these companies as part of a pilot we have found that the accreditation process has worked really well. It has helped them to focus on what needs to be done, to develop innovative programmes that have a tangible impact including expanding their spends with SME’s, with all the business benefits that that brings to all concerned. Emerging out of the work are also some strong case studies that can be replicated elsewhere.

For further information contact either Beth Ginsburg: bginsburg[at]migpolgroup.com/_old or Colin Hann: chann[at]migpolgroup.com/_old. 


Supplier Diversity Europe WORK IN CONTEXT

The UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission published new guidance on public procurement

SDEscreenshotThe UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission published new guidance today to help public authorities in England comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty by giving due consideration to equality issues in their procurement processes.

Our BUYDIS project, launched last October, precisely seeks to identify and experiment anti-discrimination clauses in public contracts passed by local authorities. It builds on our long-lasting work with large multinational corporations on supplier diversity in the private sector.


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