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No.2 MIPEX Policy Impact Assessment: What Voice for Immigrants in Europe’s Democracies?

Migrant Integration Policy Index II


t2-12-MPG_web_fixedThis is the second in a series of MIPEX policy impact assessments. This brief asks What Voice for Immigrants in Europe’s Democracies?

The aim of this series to make information on EU policy developments more accessible to a wide range of stakeholders wishing to contribute to future consultations & debates on integration & democracy in Europe


This MIPEX impact assessment considers whether international and European legal standards have influenced different policies on the political integration of immigrants, as well as whether these policies have encountered problems in implementation, or influenced immigrants’ civil and political status in practice.  To download the paper click here.

The paper summarises MPG’s September 2009 background paper commissioned for the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights: Migration and Democracy: Migrant Participation in Public Affairs. It draws on its review of existing legal standards and political  commitments at European level, the MIPEX assessments of Member State policies, and a literature review of comparative European research on implementation and outcomes.

The brief synthesises these findings for the different areas of civic life where immigrants participate:

  • volunteering
  • self‐organisations
  • trade unions
  • consultative bodies
  • voting and political representation
  • political parties

It concludes with some thoughts from immigrants themselves on the European Union and recommendations for the future.