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Proving Discrimination Cases – the Role of Situation Testing

Project Description


The Migration Policy Group and the Swedish Centre For Equal Rights have jointly published a handbook on Situation Testing

Jointly published by the Migration Policy Group and the Swedish Centre For Equal Rights the handbook entitled: Proving Discrimination Cases – the Role of Situation Testing, was written by Isabelle Rorive.

The handbook provides an analysis of Situation Testing, with a comparative overview of its use in cases in Europe and provides guidelines on conducting situation testing. The publication explains how cases have been adjudicated by the courts; examines the difficulties and the opportunities of situation testing; and outlines the need for stringent and strategic application of the situation testing method.


  • Introduction: EU Anti-Discrimination Law – Background
  • Part I: Burdern of Proof
  • Part II: Strengths and weaknesses of situation testing
  • Part III: Situation Testing in European countries
  • Part IV: NGOs, situation testing in Sweden and the courts

The handbook is available to download in English and Swedish.

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