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Situation testing and housing discrimination

situation-testing-summaryThe Flemish organisation  Minderhedenforum has recently published the results of situation tests on racial discrimination in housing in the cities of Antwerp and Ghent. Results showed that one housing candidate out of three were discriminated in accessing the private housing market.

This follows a similar test done in 2011 in the French city of Villeurbanne, which showed that candidates of “French origin” were given preferential treatment in 57% of cases.

Our Situation Testing project aims at raising awareness of the technique of situation testing, discussing the use of it in purposes other than litigation and concluding on the best way to expand its application to the public sector. The project includes the handbook Proving discrimination cases: the role of Situation Testing,  which provides a comparative overview of the use of situation testing in various cases in Europe as well as guidelines to the targets of discrimination and their organisations on conducting situation testing.