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Two MPG migration researchers to present at the Fundamental Rights Forum on the 11th & 12th of October

Two of MPG’s researchers have been selected to present at the upcoming Fundamental Rights Forum on the 11th of October, 2021. The topics, times and speaker information are all provided below.

“EU anti-smuggling policies: missing the target?”

3:30pm – 4:30pm on the 11th of October

This session focuses on the latest legal and political developments at the international and EU level in addressing migrant smuggling. NGOs and researchers point out that counter-smuggling policies are often based on limited empirical data; and that efforts to criminalise migrant smuggling can have counterproductive effects. In particular, research by ReSOMA shows that at least 171 migrants’ rights defenders between 2015 and 2019 have been criminalized. In this session, experts from MPG, CEPS, PICUM, HIAS Greece and the European Commission will discuss the counter-smuggling framework and possible solutions to protect the fundamental rights of migrants and people supporting them.

Dr. Carmine Conte, Legal Policy Analyst

About the speaker (Dr. Carmine Conte)

As a Legal Policy Analyst at MPG, Dr. Carmine Conte conducts international research on law and policy on migration, refugee integration and anti-discrimination at national and EU level. He also contributes to the European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination.

Read more about Dr. Carmine Conte.

“Integration policies in Europe and beyond”

9:45am – 10:15am on the 12th of October

This session illustrates and discusses the latest results of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), which has been updated in 2020. MIPEX is a unique tool which measures policies to integrate migrants in 52 countries across five continents. This webinar will provide an overview of MIPEX2020 key findings on how different countries are doing in certain key areas of migrants’ integration. Starting from MIPEX, the session will also address the link between integration policies and integration outcomes of migrants. This will allow for a better understanding of the effect of integration policies, what works and what does not and under what conditions these have a positive impact.

About the speaker (Dr. Giacomo Solano)

As the Head of Research, Dr. Giacomo Solano and is in charge of MPG’s research agenda development. He also conducts comparative analysis of migration and integration statistics and policies, for example for CROSS-MIGRATION, MIPEX, European Website on Integration, REGIN and the MEGA network on migrant entrepreneurship.

Read more about Dr. Giacomo Solano.

About the Migration Policy Group (MPG)

MPG is an independent think-and-do-tank based in Brussels. MPG’s purpose is rooted in its ability to inspire networks to provide evidence-based projects, research and campaigns in the areas of integration, migration and anti-discrimination.

Learn more about the Migration Policy Group.

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