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Grassroots migration NGOs discuss the future of the Welcoming Europe Alliance

Participants of the Welcoming Europe Alliance gathered today — and yesterday — for two breakfast sessions. The participants, all representatives of grassroots NGOs active in the field of migration on a local level in their own respective EU member state, convened to discuss three important issues:

Maeva Binimelis
Maeva Binimelis (human rights lawyer, France)

1. The criminalisation of solidarity

Guest speakers Dr. Carmine Conte (Legal Policy Analyst, MPG) and Maeva Binimelis (human rights lawyer from France) spoke about the recent changes in the law surrounding the criminalisation of humanitarian assistance, as well as the particulars of prominent cases in the media. The presentation was followed by an interactive discussion between the participants and the presenters.


Mariana Gkliati
Mariana Gkliati (Assistant Professor at Radboud University)

2. Human rights violations at EU borders

Guest speaker Mariana Gkliati (Assistant Professor at Radboud University) presented the most recent developments surrounding Frontex, EU member states and human rights violations at EU borders.



3. The future of the Welcoming Europe Alliance

Facilitated by the Migration Policy Group, participants were encouraged to communicate their organisations’ needs and how WEA can help to meet these needs. The initial feedback provided will serve as the basis for a questionnaire to collect the input of other participants who were unable to attend the session. Following the results of the questionnaire, a decision will then be made regarding the updated priorities of the alliance.

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