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MPG’s new research paper illustrates legal and policy gaps for migrant entrepreneurs

The Migration Policy Group (MPG) continues to play a key role in analysing how laws and policies affect migrant integration, with a new research paper written by Giacomo Solano, MPG’s Head of Research. The paper details the gaps in institutional and policy frameworks regarding migrant entrepreneurship in European Union (EU) and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries.

Contradictions between legal standards and policies measures

This latest research paper uses data from MPG projects to illustrate how migrants are simultaneously treated differently – according to their legal status when it comes to accessing self-employment – and as a homogenous group – when receiving support in entrepreneurship.

Through analysis of data from the MIPEX project, the paper shows how the differentiation of migrants’ legal status restricts access to self-employment. In particular, the paper highlights how EU and OECD countries tend to limit access to self-employment for asylum seekers.

Using data from the MEGA project, the paper reviews policy measures aimed to provide support for migrant entrepreneurs. The paper indicates how, by treating migrants as a homogenous group, most support providers overlook key barriers to entrepreneurship for migrants, such as language and transferable skills that are different depending on migrants’ individual profiles. Tailored support for sub-groups such as migrant women, who face multiple barriers, is lacking.

Ensuring equal access to self-employment

“the fact that some migrants are less engaged in self-employment or face more difficulties may be explained by the lack of institutional opportunities and policy support”

The paper acknowledges that many initiatives are in place to support migrant entrepreneurship in EU and OECD countries but reiterates that there is a long way to go to ensure equal access to self-employment and related opportunities to migrants as for country citizens.

About the author

This research paper was written by MPG’s Head of Research, Giacomo Solano PhD. He conducts comparative analysis on migrant integration policies, labour market integration of migrants and migrant entrepreneurship; on the national and local level.

“A Level Playing Field for Migrant Entrepreneurs? The Legal and Policy Landscape across EU and OECD Countries”

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