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Take part in the public consultation on equality bodies

The Migration Policy Group (MPG) calls on its network to take part in the European Commission’s public consultation on equality bodies. It is open for responses from individual citizens, civil society organisations, social partners, equality bodies, Member States and national authorities, European institutions and bodies, and international organisations.

On the 10th December 2021, the European Commission launched an open public consultation to gather opinions on the functioning of national equality bodies and on their possible future improvements.

MPG is supporting this initiative and we call on our network to participate in the consultation before the end date of 18th March 2022. We strongly encourage anyone who has experience – personal and/or professional – of national equality bodies to take part in the consultation, so there is a wide-ranging input from all stakeholders.

Why is this consultation important?

The designation of equality bodies is an obligation for Member States under EU law through a set of directives called ‘Equality Directives‘. They promote equal treatment by providing independent assistance to victims of discrimination, conducting independent investigations, issuing independent reports, and making recommendations.

The consultation aims to inform the Commission’s next proposal on further measures to strengthen equality bodies; gathering opinions on the functioning of national equality bodies and on their possible future improvements.

Helena Dalli, Equality Commissioner, said:

“We will present a legislative proposal to strengthen equality bodies by autumn 2022. I want to hear comments from citizens who have brought their concerns to the attention of the public equality bodies, the people who work there, civil society organisations for equality, public authorities, businesses, trade unions, experts and practitioners. The results of the consultation will feed into our proposal.”

How to take part in the consultation?

You can take part by completing the online questionnaire, available in all EU languages, here:

The consultation closes on the 18th March 2022, so be sure to respond before this date.

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