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The 5 most downloaded MPG publications of 2021

MPG takes a look back at our top downloaded publications from 2021.

Using Google Analytics to track the number of views, the most popular MPG publications from last year are as follows:

5. A Level Playing Field for Migrant Entrepreneurs? The Legal and Policy Landscapes across EU and OECD Countries

Through analysis of data from the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) and the Migrant Entrepreneurship Growth Agenda (MEGA) projects, this research paper illustrates how migrant entrepreneurs are simultaneously treated differently — according to their legal status when it comes to accessing self-employment — and as a homogenous group — when receiving support for business.

MPG’s Head of Research, Dr. Giacomo Solano, highlights that there is a long way to go to ensure equal access to self-employment and related opportunities to migrants as for country citizens.

4. The Uneven Legal and Policy Framework Facing Persons with Humanitarian Status in Europe: Current Gaps and Possible Solutions for Improving Integration Policies

Using National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) indicators, this in-depth analysis reveals the uneven quality of integration laws and policies for humanitarian status holders in Europe.

MPG’s Legal Policy Analyst, Dr. Carmine Conte, recommends for Member States to reassess the use of humanitarian protection, and — at the very least — for improved conditions and treatment of humanitarian status holders in line with refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection.

3. European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination 2021 country reports and 2021/02 equality law review

The European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination published all 36 non-discrimination law country reports and the second European equality law review for 2021. All reports are publicly available on their website.

MPG continues to play a key role in the network,  with MPG’s director, Isabelle Chopin, and MPG’s Legal Policy Analyst, Catharina Germaine, serving as the network’s ‘Specialist Coordinator for Non-discrimination Law’ and ‘Content Manager for Non-discrimination Law’, respectively.

MPG Research Paper. Beyond Immigration.

2. Beyond Immigration: Moving from Western to Global Indexes of Migration Policy

This MPG research paper highlights how, in a review of all the major indexes, analysis of migration policy has been largely restricted to ‘present day’ contexts, often in the Global North.

MPG’s Head of Research, Dr. Giacomo Solano, and Strategic Advisor, Dr. Thomas Huddleston, call upon the field to move beyond Western-centrism and, instead, to expand indexes to a wider, global level.

1. Europe’s patchwork of refugee integration policies: The EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion as an instrument to address deficiencies

This policy brief compares National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) results with the EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion, showing that, in general, refugees rarely experience fully favourable integration conditions. With gaps in policies regarding integration, long-term inclusion, as well as multi-level and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

MPG’s Integration Policy Analyst, Dr. Sinem Yilmaz, presents recommendations for Member States and the European Commission to tackle the policy gaps that persist in integration policies for beneficiaries of international protection across Europe.

The findings from this policy brief were presented by MPG staff and partner organisations in a webinar on the 17th of September 2021. You can view the recorded webinar here.

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