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MIPEX cited by the National Bank of Belgium on the influence of integration policies on the labour market and immigrant inflows

The National Bank of Belgium has recently cited MIPEX in a working paper on migrant integration policies and their consequences on the labour market and migratory inflows. 

According to the working paper, MIPEX results demonstrate that countries with developed integration policies do not necessarily have greater migrant employment rates. 

The report further mentions that these findings can be explained because various types of policies can, in fact, have the opposite effect.  

For example, policies promoting family reunion, political participation and fighting against discrimination seem to favour migrant integration in the labour market.  

The working paper also states that developed migration policies have a more significant impact on highly skilled immigrant workers, as opposed to the low and medium-skilled immigrants. 

Read the full working paper here.


MIPEX is a unique tool which measures policies to integrate migrants in 56 countries. 

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