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MPG begins new project focusing on integration policies at the local level

September 2022: MPG has just begun a new project that aims to benefit migrants, in particular Ukrainian refugees, at the local level by developing workable integration policies for municipalities through research and international cooperation.  

The project, titled ‘Migrants’ Integration Through Education (MINTE)’, will be carried out in the Czech Republic, Poland and Israel, with the objective of improving municipal policies on welcoming and living with migrants. 

Moreover, the digital competencies of migrants will be analysed through research aimed at better understanding how municipalities should provide information and communicate effectively with migrants. 

The project will also develop a multimedia course on international migration with a focus on Central Europe. 

In addition to the project consortium, civil society organisations and selected municipalities are collaborating on the project. 

MPG’s role in this project is to develop course content and materials on EU integration policies in addition to conducting research and producing publications.  


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About the Migration Policy Group (MPG)

MPG is an independent think-and-do-tank based in Brussels. MPG’s purpose is rooted in its ability to inspire networks to provide evidence-based projects, research and campaigns in the areas of integration, migration and anti-discrimination.