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MPG’s Dr. Carmine Conte quoted on Euronews – “People resort to smugglers because there is no safe way to Europe”

Last week, MPG’s Legal Policy Analyst, Dr. Carmine Conte was interviewed by Euronews on the lack of safe routes to Europe for people seeking asylum.

No one should have to risk their life to claim asylum. Since 2014 shipwrecks, like the one near Pylos just a few weeks ago, have cost the lives of over 27,000 people. This loss of life is entirely preventable. People are resorting to smugglers because they have no other way to safely reach Europe.

The EU needs to adopt and coordinate a proactive search and rescue mission to save people at sea. This means allocating clear responsibilities, competencies and funds to EU and national authorities and actors, including NGOs. The EU also has to adopt and implement balanced migration policies that include safe and regular pathways to Europe, such as resettlement schemes, complementary pathways like humanitarian visas and work permit schemes, and labour migration schemes grounded in decent work principles.

Such policies would ensure safe access to Europe for people seeking asylum, reduce loss of life at sea and reduce human smuggling and trafficking.

Read more about MPG’s recommendations on search and rescue here.

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