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e-MORE – Monitoring and reporting online hate speech in Europe

E-MORE provides a mobile app to report hate speech online and offers a detailed overview and analysis on the occurrences of hate speech online across a number of EU Member States.

The European Commission’s Justice and Consumers Directorate commissioned MPG to lead the production of videos, training courses and a toolkit to combat online hate speech. MPG is a key stakeholder in providing analysis, visual communications and solutions for the rise of hate speech online across Europe.

Project Deliverables

  • Crawler to monitor occurrences of hate speech on the internet.
  • Mobile APP for reporting occurrences of hate crime online. Available on Google Play.
  • Report analysing the data collected from the e-MORE Mobile APP in 9 EU countries. Available here.
  • Promotional video encouraging reporting of online hate speech and the use of the mobile phone.
  • E-learning training course on hate speech and hate crime led by MPG and CEJI.
  • Toolkit on advocacy in relation to tackling hate speech led by MPG and CEJI.
  • International workshop for law enforcement agencies.
  • National seminars in all participating countries.
  • Final conference (March 2018).

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