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Migrant Entrepreneurship Growth Agenda (MEGA)

MEGA was a multi-stakeholder MPG-led partnership that helped cities, regions and national actors to strengthen policies that support businesses with an international background.


More than 50 organisations across Europe support MEGA’s policy agenda to demand for more inclusive entrepreneurship support schemes.

MPG coordinated a network for mutual learning and coalition-building on migrant entrepreneurship. MEGA was part of MPG’s long-term commitment to put migrant entrepreneurship on the agenda of major businesses and local authorities. The network was funded as part of the European Commission’s Integration Action Plan in response to the 2015/6 peak in asylum arrivals.

Project Deliverables

  • Benchmarking of five cities in the EU supported by MPG’s benchmarking expertise, for mutual learning and assessing possible areas of improvement.
  • Networking and policy dialogue events in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.
  • Policy briefs.
  • Best-practice handbooks and expert webinars produced and convened by MPG.
  • International Peer Learning event.
  • Report concluding the priority actions for the EU’s support.

Proposed Agenda

MEGA calls for the adoption of the following effective policies so that entrepreneurship stakeholders can work together to support businesses with international roots.

  • Visibility for migrants of existing entrepreneurship support services.
  • Networking between migrant entrepreneurs.
  • Language and cultural sensitivity in the provision of entrepreneurship support services to immigrants.
  • Legal and regulatory advice on setting up and running a business.
  • Targeted business training.
  • Access to finance for potential and established migrant businesses.
  • Provision of facilities and incubating services.
  • Supplier diversity criteria in procurement.
  • Data gathering, impact assessment and evaluation of measures.

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MEGA's Handbook

Click here to watch the webinar summarising the handbook’s results. Or download the agenda.