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Migrants’ Integration Through Education (MINTE)

MINTE aims to benefit migrants (especially Ukrainian refugees) at the local level by developing workable integration policies for municipalities through research and international cooperation.

Project website

Sinem Yilmaz

Charles University, project leader (Czech Republic)
Cracow University of Economics (Poland)
University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Poland)
Ruppin Academic Center (Israel)

Project duration: 9/2022 – 8/2025


Project Migrants’ Integration Through Education (MINTE) centres on the situation of migrants (especially Ukrainian refugees) at the local level. This international project focuses on municipal policies on welcoming and living with migrants. In selected countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Israel) it focuses on the local level approach to migrants and through research and international cooperation helps municipalities to develop workable integration policies. In addition, the project will develop a multimedia course on international migration with a focus on Central Europe. A broader investigation on the digital competences of migrants will also be carried out to understand how municipalities should provide information and communicate well to migrants.

In addition to the project consortium, civil society organisations and selected municipalities are also collaborating on the project.