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Moving the Ideas of Non-Discrimination   Supporting an Equality Transformation (MINDSET)

MINDSET brought together national equality bodies, civil society organisations and the media in three countries (Italy, Romania and Sweden) to raise public awareness of racial discrimination and non-discrimination law, share experiences and build alliances among relevant stakeholders in this field, and grow capacity among media professionals.


Media trainings on non-discrimination for journalists in Brussels (in English) and in Italy, Romania and Sweden (in the national languages).

Handbook on the Racial Equality Directive with a particular focus on transposition and implementation in Italy, Romania and Sweden, authored by MPG.

Comparative needs assessment based on a survey organised by MPG of national equality bodies and CSOs in the three countries, exploring their priorities in the area of enforcement of non-discrimination law as well as their commonalities and differences.

Project Partners
Euractiv Media

Catharina Germaine
Anti-Discrimination Legal Policy Analyst

MINDSET was coordinated by Euractiv Media, while MPG provides the legal expertise.


Awareness raising:
Breaking the ‘legal bubble’ by informing the general public, with a particular focus on young people, on non-discrimination law in a non-legalistic manner.

Capacity building:
Exploring and extending the capacities and experiences of media professionals in working with discrimination related issues.

Experience sharing:
Analysing the needs and priorities of relevant stakeholders and providing a space for them to share and explore.

Project Outcomes

MPG and its partners achieved the following:
Publication of a Handbook on the Racial Equality Directive.

Media trainings on racial discrimination for journalists based in Brussels, Italy, Romania and Sweden.

Publication of a report analysing the results of a survey exploring the needs and priorities of equality bodies and CSOs in three countries.